Work with Ukraine. safely

Working with Ukrainian employees or contractors?
We can help:


Grow your team with cleverfleet

A complete end-to-end service that helps you to:


Hire talent from Ukraine

Recruit effortlessly. With a network of tens of thousands of engineers, we are the top resource for locating Ukrainian team members. We streamline the entire process, including reference and background checks, scheduling interviews, and post-onboarding tasks.


Stay compliant

Unlike other competitors, we have a distinct advantage with our presence on the ground in Ukraine. Our intimate understanding of the country's operations and regulations, as well as our focus on compliance, enables us to deliver maximum benefit to your business while fully complying with local laws.


run payroll

Paying the entire team has never been easier - just one click, and it's done. Effortlessly view all contracts, invoices, and employee documents. Streamline the process further by automating invoice generation, payslips, employee benefits, and taxes.


keep yor team happy

We have a real advantage when it comes to employee perks and benefits. We're confident in saying that we offer the best benefits package available in Ukraine. By using our platform, you'll be ensuring that your employees stay happy and motivated.